Meet The Team


Venezia Yauw

Program Director (Aus)

Venezia is currently working full time as a Global HR Business Analyst at a major Australian bank. She joined the BBEF leadership team in 2011 and was appointed as program director in 2013. Her role involves overseeing the operation of the program both in Australia and Philippines, as well as being responsible for the strategy and governance of the program.In her final year at uni, Venezia volunteered as a project consultant for the Graduate Consulting Group working with BBEF. Upon the completion of the project, she became involved with BBEF after seeing the work they do and the difference they make in the Bagong Barrio community.


Cora Talisayon

Program Director (Bagong Barrio)

Cora is a resident of Bagong Barrio and has been involved with the program since 1992 when her son Eugene was a sponsored student. She works full time as the head teacher at a local kindergarten.She has had a long involvement with many community initiatives in Bagong Barrio including as a pastoral worker for the local parish (Lourdes Church) for 17 years.Cora has 7 children and one of them, Belinda, is a sponsored student in the program. She believes that education is a tremendous opportunity for the children of Bagong Barrio as many families cannot afford to send their children to school.

Cora was appointed as Program Director in July 2009 and oversees all operational and administrative activities in Bagong Barrio.


Michelle Miller

Operations (Aus)

Michelle works as a primary school teacher in an international school in Bali, Indonesia. She is a former school captain of Genazzano FCJ College and has been a volunteer with the Society of St Vincent de Paul for over ten years. Michelle first visited Bagong Barrio in 2006 and was subsequently appointed to the leadership team as she wanted to actively contribute to the success of the program.Michelle assists with the day-to-day operations of the program, including overseeing sponsor-student communication and assisting the program director with administrative activities and event management.


Elizabeth Stearne

Innovation (Aus)

Liz has previously worked as a town planner but following significant periods of overseas travel she has returned to Melbourne to study primary education.Liz has significant international volunteering experience and has visited countries as diverse as Bangladesh, Guatemala and Kenya. Her first visit to the Philippines was in 2006 where she witnessed the desperate conditions of those living in Bagong Barrio. Moved by the resilience of the people and having seen the progress and benefits that education has brought to the community, Liz joined the program’s leadership team shortly after.Liz is responsible for sourcing, developing and implementing new ideas and initiatives into the program with the aim of improving student and sponsor experiences.


Michelle de Guzman

Marketing (Aus)

Michelle works as an IT consultant in Sydney.She is originally from the Philippines and has witnessed the difficulty that many families face in gaining access to basic education, due to material poverty.

Michelle coordinates the program’s marketing initiatives including the management of the website and communication with sponsors and prospective donors. She oversees the development of the program’s key marketing materials.


Nick Flores

Finance (Aus)

Nick is currently completing his Master of Professional Accounting at the University of Melbourne. Born in the Philippines, he has been committed to charitable initiatives throughout his studies. He spearheaded a fund-raising initiative in university, and was also previously a volunteer who taught primary students in the Marikina area. Motivated by the fortitude of the Bagong Barrio community in his initial visit, he came on board wanting to help expand the program.

Nick has oversight of all financial matters relating to the program, including management and tracking of donations, expenditure and budgeting.