About Bagong Barrio

Bagong Barrio (barrio means village) is the second largest slum village in metropolitan Manila. It is located within Caloocan City, about one hour from downtown Manila.

In the 1950s, the area where Bagong Barrio stands today was home to one of Manila’s largest garbage dumps and was nicknamed the “pig pen”.

The garbage dumpsite provided a livelihood for the residents as it represented an opportunity to scavenge for useful items and scraps that could be sold or created into other items for sale. Those reliant on the dump built makeshift houses around it and gradually a community built up.

When the dumpsite closed, the community remained and settled more permanently and over time the huge mound of garbage flattened out.

Today, Bagong Barrio is home to over 90,000 residents. The conditions and infrastructure have improved and there is no visible evidence that this was once a dumpsite. However, most residents still live in extreme poverty.

The main forms of industry include wet market vendors, street vendors, rag making and scrap recycling. There are two primary schools and one high school in Bagong Barrio.

Bagong Barrio map