News: ANZ supports BBEF

The Bagong Barrio Education Fund is proud to announce ANZ as a major corporate partner for the next four years. In early 2011, ANZ committed to sponsoring a BBEF student to go to a top-tier college in Manila to study a business degree. After a challenging and thorough selection process conducted by ANZ executives, Mary Joy Cabrera was announced as the inaugural ANZ-BBEF College Scholarship recipient.

Mary Joy has been sponsored in BBEF for over ten years. She was originally dissuaded from pursuing a business career due to the limited opportunities available. Typically, students who graduate from a business degree at a public college have a significantly lower chance of obtaining corporate work than those from private colleges. Private college fees are out of the reach of our students, even accounting for the financial support from BBEF. A number of our alumni have experienced this, often ending up in administrative and clerical roles when they were originally seeking graduate positions at large corporations. ANZ’s support will enable Mary Joy to attend a top-tier college and give her every opportunity to pursue a corporate career upon graduation. In mid-2011, she will commence her four year undergraduate degree in business management.

As part of its regional expansion goals, ANZ recently opened an office in Manila. As part of its support for our program, ANZ will assign professional mentors to some of our college-level students as well as work experience placements during holiday periods. A group of current students recently visited ANZ’s office in Manila’s CBD and after touring the facilities and meeting local staff, the students were treated to lunch.

James Lee, BBEF Program Director, stated, “This partnership is the result of a number of months of preparation and hard work from the BBEF leadership teams in Australia and Bagong Barrio. I would like to acknowledge Cora Talisayon (Director, Bagong Barrio) and Reuben David (former leadership team member) for their vision, dedication and support throughout the process.”

Lee added, “On behalf of the BBEF leadership teams, the students and their families, I’d like to thank ANZ for choosing to support BBEF. In particular, my deepest gratitude goes to Brian Squires (Head of ANZ Philippines), Jo Smyth, Stephen Parrish and the Hubs team at ANZ for their on-going support. I believe this is represents a watershed moment for our program and I look forward to a successful partnership between BBEF and ANZ for many years to come.”


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